Weather the Fort is a FREE event, that's right, FREE. This is possible due to all our amazing sponsors!


NEW in 2020: Weather the Fort is open to all ages! Every person interested in purchasing alcoholic beverages will be required to have a valid I.D. at the entry gate and will receive a wristband.  


Check back soon for information on entry points. 


Please reference the map below for any parking needs. There are parking spaces on the street if you can find them and also nearby parking garages available for use. As a reminder, street parking is available for FREE on the weekends. 


Wristbands are required inside the event area, this let's us (and our security) know that you are of legal age. Anyone not wearing wristbands will be asked to please get a wristband, or leave the event. 



Yes, there will be police and security on duty at Weather the Fort. If you see or have any issues, please let one of them know. You can also notify someone with a Weather the Fort badge for assistance.  


Multiple beverage stations in the park will be serve beer. As adults, we ask you drink responsibly. This also includes finding a safe way to get home. We, along with our bartenders, reserve the right to stop serving anyone we feel has had too much to consume or is acting inappropriately. Our security and the Fort Wayne Police Department also have the right to remove you from the park. No hard alcoholic beverages allowed in the event and all drinks purchased inside the event must stay inside the event. 


To help keep the drink lines as short as possible, we use a ticket system. There are two ticket stations where you can exchange cash for tickets, as well as an on-site ATM. Tickets are good only for the alcoholic beverages. Please use cash/card for food stations. 


Multiple food options will be available for purchase, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, and soda. Reminder - tickets will not be accepted by the food vendors. 

Please use their preferred payment options.



We started this festival knowing most likely it was going to be cold, windy, and snowing. Unless of an extreme weather emergency, the event will go on, snow or shine! Please dress appropriately.



Unfortunately, animals are not allowed in the event area during the festival.